Participating Schools

Schools from across Korea participate in the Morning Calm Medal program each year. Some schools participate in all book categories, where others focus on just a few categories applicable to them.

Branksome Hall Asia

Busan International Foreign School
Chadwick International School

Cheongna Dalton School
Dulwich College Seoul

Dwight School Seoul
Gyeonggi-Suwon International School
Korea International School
Korea International School, Jeju

Korea Kent Foreign School

International Christian School – Pyeongtaek
North London Collegiate School, Jeju
Seoul American Elementary School
Seoul American High School
Seoul American Middle School
Seoul Foreign School
Seoul International School
Taejon Christian International School
Yongsan International School of Seoul


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One thought on “Participating Schools

  1. MinJun Choi

    The Iron Trial, This book is about Callum Hunt and his two friends, Tamara and Aaron going through one year of magic school and there are some parts where the book really surprises you.

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